Thursday, December 11, 2014

Project #3: Final - "Thank You for (Not) Smoking"

MEDP 160 - Project #2 - Final Project - "Thank You for (Not) Smoking from Lemonia Giampilis on Vimeo.

Nick, a professor at Hunter College, scurries outside of his empty classroom, through the escalators, and out of the West building of the campus to put some much needed nicotine into his body.

Antonio, Dariaura
Giampilis, Lemonia
Sosa, Noelia
MEDP 16000
December 11, 2014
Final Project Script

Title: Thank You for (Not) Smoking
Starring: Nicholas Kaferlain
Director: Noelia Sosa
Lights: Dariaura Antonio
Sound: Lemonia Giampilis

Nick, a professor at Hunter College, prepares to erase the chalkboard and pack up his things after his class ends, and his students have already left.

After putting on his jacket, Nick reaches for his phone to check the time. Realizing time is ticking, he power walks towards the door.
(The “Mission: Impossible” theme song plays in the background)

Nick exits the classroom and paces towards the escalator.

Nick tries his best to dodge fellow escalator riders.

Nick becomes exasperated as he runs towards the exit.
(sounds of the 6 train nearby)

In front of the west building, Nick runs towards the camera and lights his cigarette. A look of contentment on his face is shown as he releases the first puff of smoke.
(“Bad to the Bone” by George Thorogood and the Destroyers plays in the background)

Realizing the no smoking sign above his head, Nick shrugs it off and continues to smoke.

  •   Scene transitions to black with the title of the film, “Thank You for (Not) Smoking
  •  Rolling end credits give credit where credit is due

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